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Son Carrió
(License project)
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Divers Arquitectura


Divers Arquitectura




2020 (in process)


Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca

On the outskirts of a small town in the municipality of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Son Carrió, a client asks us to build a single floor house with a pool. The plot does not present any complications, so the house is arranged at the top, where the best views are, while the main facade is oriented towards the best orientation. The plot is planted with almond and carob trees mainly. It is delimited to the north, at its highest point, by an old railway line converted into a "greenway", and to the south, at the lowest point, by a torrent.


The project of this house is integrated almost naturally into the plot, without fanfare, trying to find that point of symbiosis between the environment and the new construction, as Majorcan country houses have done for centuries. The architecture in this case is a vernacular, primary architecture, in the sense that its goal is not to be the protagonist, but rather it aims to provide the conditions to be able to enjoy the place.


The project consists of three sloping roofs, two of which make up the two main volumes, and the third allows to generate a porch, understood almost as a living room on the outside. These three roofs are arranged on a longitudinal axis, which coincides with the access axis to the house, so that the access area to the house is generated between the two main volumes. In addition, these two volumes (day area and night area) are arranged offset from each other (and slightly inclined to each other) so that both can have sun and views. The volume of the living room is slightly higher and is arranged behind the porch and the volume of the bedrooms. Finally, the terrace and the infinity pool are raised in front of the porch, acting as a balcony over the landscape that unfolds in front of it.

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