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Our study is focused on the realization of integral projects of energy efficient architecture, both new construction and rehabilitation. Our experience allows us to undertake with solvency any kind of project to satisfy the particular needs of our clients, be it a single-family house, a reform of a block of flats or a public works project, to give some examples.

At Divers Arquitectura we believe that for the development of any building project is key to control 2 aspects: energy efficiency and structural design, which allows us to control the final design of the project without relying on other external agents, except specific engineering projects when these are mandatory (air conditioning, solar panels, telecommunications, etc.). In this way the control over the project is almost total and allows us to take the relevant decisions quickly, flexibly and as adapted as possible to the final solution to achieve in each project a higher category of energy certification (Category A).

Therefore, the services we offer are:


1. Integral architecture projects, both new construction and reform or rehabilitation.


2. Structural analysis and calculation.


3. Studies and certifications of energy efficiency

Finally, in a final stage we have begun to specialize in the design of buildings of almost zero consumption (NZEB) type "Passive House", not only for ecological awareness but also as a natural evolution and synthesis of the road undertaken for a few years. The importance of total control of both the envelope and the installations in this type of project has pushed us to evolve towards a type of architecture that is increasingly sustainable and of a very high constructive quality.

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