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Sant Ferran


Biel Domenge, Sergi Galindo (Executive project, building permit, site management, structural analysis)

Mis-Mas Interiorismo (Core project, interior design and site management)




Argentona, Barcelona

In a small single-family terraced house in the historical center of Argentona a staircase that occupies too much room prevents to get a sufficient dining room for a family of 4 members. Thus, the intervention is basically focused on getting more square meters in this room proposing a new section of folded sheet metal staircase that allows to gain enough space under the stairs to have a functional space.


The rest of the intervention, apart from the updating of the facilities and façade enclosures, allows to give value to the brick domes that cover the rooms of the upper floor and the patio of the house, aspects of the existing architecture that allow to give a special character to the project.

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