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Pou Nou
(In project phase)
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Divers Arquitectura


Divers Arquitectura




2020 (in process)


Manacor, Mallorca

Mallorca is not just a place of sun and beach, it is also, among other things, tradition and peasantry. There is a Mallorca harder and more complex than the topic, but more interesting. This project takes place in inland Mallorca, away from the beach and in the middle of a large esplanade. On the plot there is a large plantation of olive trees, still young, which occupy almost the entire space, almost forming a forest. The exception is a stone wall that occupies a space next to the access road and goes into the "forest" of olive trees. Definitely, this is the place for the project from day one, an enclosure surrounded by a small wall around a meter thick and a meter and a half high.


Within the walls something of value is always protected; a treasure, a garden, a temple, a palace ... we know it and that intrigues us. In our case, surely the enclosure was used simply to keep the cattle, source of subsistence of a pre-tourist Mallorca, but even so it is a powerful structure, a first trace that orders the space and protects it from a more hostile exterior, too exposed. Additionally, the volumes that make up the project are arranged, reinforcing the idea of ​​a wall, opposing the views from the outside and around a central courtyard that becomes the main space of the project. The entrance is not shown, it is hidden behind the only volume that comes out of the stone wall, and to enter you have to go up a ramp and turn around. It takes a little effort, not a lot.


Upon entering the house, the first view is that of the central patio, with the presence of the pool in the foreground, and immediately we can turn towards the main volume, which is higher and contains the living room-kitchen-dining room. At the end of this space we find a staircase to go up to the loft above the kitchen, which contains a suite-room with a terrace to the west from where you can contemplate the sunset over a field of olive trees and with the Tramuntana mountains in the background.


Finally, the choice of materials is very important to understand this project. The predominant sand-colored stucco of the façade refers directly to the local construction stone, the "marés" stone, and the traditional stucco, and also combines perfectly with the rest of the main materials, stone and wood, both also traditional materials . The general flooring will also be stone or stoneware with a stone color and texture. In the outer space the treatment of the vegetation will configure different spaces with different character, from the wildest vegetation of the strip closest to the road, to the cherry garden that arises in the north strip.

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