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What is a Passivhaus worth?

Before explaining what a Passive House-type house consists of, we should clarify what a Passive House is worth doing. The answer can be found in a photo of the style next to this paragraph. When looking at the picture one could ask "why does having a couch next to someone prefers to sit on the window sill?". In fact, on a winter day, surely doing it is unwise: the glass will be cold, there will be air current, condensations ...


In a Passive House the answer to the second question is also valid for the first, and it is very simple: because he can.


Now we could explain that the windows of a Passive House are airtight and very efficient, so much that the minimum temperature on the glass will never be lower than 17ºC, and then we could explain that the raison d'être of this temperature is because this way there are no internal currents through convection and thus air currents that makes certain spaces unlivable are avoided...


All of this, in the end, is summed up in one word: COMFORT.

comfort: noun 

 [ U ] a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and free from pain:

She evidently dresses for comfort.

It's a little too hot for comfort.

Now you can watch the latest films in the comfort of your own room.

The secret to achieving this physical comfort is based on energy efficiency and air quality, aspects that may oppose each other, especially when there is a need to ventilate the interior stale air with extreme temperatures outside. In these cases where it is not efficient to ventilate directly through the windows, a passive house have a double flow ventilation device with heat recovery, which recovers the interior air temperature of the house before extracting it, and transfers it to the air. filtered from the outside to adapt it to the interior temperature, so that more than 75% of the comfort temperature is conserved.


In addition, for the entire system to work optimally, it is necessary to achieve a high tightness of the facades so that the air at comfort temperature does not escape to the outside, which is checked by a pressurization or "Blowerdoor" test. The passing of this test is essential to be able to certify the building as Passive House. In summary, with this small scheme under this paragraph the five basic pillars of a Passive house are summarized. With these 5 points you can achieve savings in heating of 90% compared to a conventional house, 40-50% savings compared to a house of new construction and optimal indoor air quality, thanks to the filters of the machine with double flow ventilation.

The 5 basic pillars

1.Quick and continuous thermal insulation


2.Windows of the highest quality


3. Ventilation with heat recovery


4. Air tightness of the facades


5. Without thermal bridges


With these 5 characteristics you get:


-A 90% heating savings compared to a conventional house.


-A 40-50% savings compared to a new house.


-An optimal indoor air quality, thanks to the filters of the double flow ventilation machine.

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