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Biel Domenge, Sergi Galindo


Sergi Galindo




2020 (in process)


Matadepera, Barcelona

An unfamiliar house of new construction located in Matadepera, Barcelona designed under the Passivhaus standard. The plot is located at the foot of La Mola (Sant Llorenç del Munt),

The project is born from a duality of opposing wills. On the one hand, a main body that is integrated into the existing landscape, which hides for protection, almost as if it were a cave, but totally open on the free side that leaves the slope of the plot to catch the sun. It is a high volume, straight lines and stone materials (concrete), a more suitable place for celebrations or, at least, to receive visitors, since it is a wide and open space, without compartments. It is where the open kitchen and dining room are located with views over the garden. From this space, in addition to the garden, you can also access the pool and barbecue area, located at the lowest level.


On the other hand, in the middle of the plot there is another building body with an opposite character that contains the night area, much more compartmentalized. It is an organic volume with a miniature pre-lacquered sheet metal finish that gives it an industrial character. The singular point of the volume is that it is articulated from a ramp. This corridor not only gives access to the different bedrooms but also creates multipurpose spaces along its route. In addition, there is also a viewpoint expressing this will to "look" that is opposed to what the previous body expresses, more thought of as "refuge".

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