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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an aspect that is becoming increasingly relevant in the architecture profession. In fact, for the preparation of a good building project it is already essential to take into account the energy efficiency from the beginning of the project to define passive strategies that allow to reduce the demand for air conditioning to the minimum possible or what the regulation determines as acceptable.


At Divers Arquitectura we carry out all the procedures for energy certification, both for new construction and for existing buildings with the HULC, SG SAVE or similar program.


Our indicative rates for new construction certifications are the following:

In addition, to optimize the demand of the building to be projected, we offer the possibility of studying energy behavior through more advanced programs such as Open Studio + Sketchup (using Energy Plus for dynamic energy studies), Therm (thermal bridges) or PHPP for Passivhaus certification . In these cases the study of energy efficiency serves mainly for the study of passive and bioclimatic savings measures in both new construction and rehabilitation projects, or for the design of NZEB buildings. They also serve to determine the most suitable type of air conditioning installation, together with the installer or engineer of the project, to control the consumption of the proposed installation.

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