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La Nou de Gaià
(under construction)
Projecte Passiv.png


Biel Domenge, Sergi Galindo


Sergi Galindo




2020 (in process)


La Nou de Gaià, Tarragona

An unfamiliar house located in La Nou de Gaià, province of Tarragona projected under the Passivhaus standard.


This is a second residence for two. Built on one floor and trying to make the most of the entire floor area, a very clear house is created up to the night area. The goal to comply with the Passivhaus standard, apart from the tightness in the air and a forced ventilation system with a heat recuperator, was to achieve the highest possible solar uptake, to achieve this we have inclined part of the cover to give height to the south corner.


The main pieces are all southwest-facing, with access to the private garden, and for the best interior lighting possible, a small patio is created on the northeastern facade.

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