About us

Currently the world of architecture and building construction is in full transformation, and it makes less and less sense to continue building as it did 20, 15 or even ten years ago. From the studio we are aware of this transformation and direct our projects towards a more sustainable type of construction.


In this sense, the concepts of passive construction, buildings with almost zero consumption (NZEB) and the Passive House certification, both new construction and in rehabilitation, are particularly relevant. For us, these are key concepts to take into account to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and that allows us to offer more environmentally friendly architecture projects for the environment, healthier and more economical in the medium and long term.


Therefore, our work is basically based on three legs, which are exclusive design, energy efficiency and structural calculation, either for our own projects or in collaboration with other studies.

The studio is formed by:

Architecture student internship (ETSAV)


Architect and co-founder

Tel: 672 246 373

Architect trainee (ETSAV)

Architect and co-founder

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