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"Express" House
(License project)
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Divers Arquitectura


Divers Arquitectura




2021 (in process)


Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

How to plan a simple house with a tight budget on a complicated terrain? This is the challenge that had to be solved in this single-family house project. The complication of the plot in this case was twofold; On the one hand, the implantation of the house had to be solved on a land with a 30% slope up from the main access, and on the other hand it had to be achieved that the built volume affected the existing trees as little as possible, especially if it were holm oaks or oaks.


At the very beginning of the conversations with the clients, a volumetry was proposed that should be mainly on the ground floor, or alternatively there could be a study area or guest room on the first floor. Finally, the second option was chosen and two volumes with roofs in opposite directions were proposed, so that one generated, with its flight, a porch to be used as a storage room and shelter for the car, and the second adapted to the slope of the plot and generated the space for the study area and guest room. In addition, this second volume allowed to have a façade facing the back of the plot that, otherwise, would have remained as a forgotten space.


The house is organized in two platforms, the parking area and the platform where the house is located. In the middle of the two main volumes is the hall, which is accessed by an external staircase that allows you to climb from one platform to another. From the hall you can choose whether to go to the kitchen-living-dining room, to the bedrooms (up to here everything on the ground floor) or if you want to access the upper floor by the internal staircase. All the interior distribution was carried out taking into account the best orientation for each use, since the house must comply with the Passivhaus standard ..... And all this in a very short time, a true "express" house

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