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Divers Arquitectura


Growing Buildings






Begues, Barcelona

There is always a first time for everything. In our case, this was the first time we faced the construction of a passive house, and we did it with the help of Growing Buildings, who called us to do the site management. It was also the first time we worked with a project manager, which allowed us to focus on the execution of the project and the technical control of the solutions to be adopted on the job, fortunately. But there was more: to round it off, it was the first time we had built a house with a wooden frame structure ... all in all a major challenge.


The project comprises a main volume of housing and two smaller secondary volumes, which correspond to the garage and the porch of the main façade. The entrance to the house is through the gap between the two smaller volumes. , the width of which frames the pedestrian path that stretches in a straight line to the fence, where we find the entrance to the plot. The entrance from this point takes place on foot and gradually, with steps that allow a gentle ascent, which allows you to discover different perspectives of the house as you ascend and approach the house.


Once inside, the most public area of ​​the house is to the right, just behind the porch of the main façade. It consists of a living-dining room and a semi-open kitchen in the dining area. To the left is the bathroom on the ground floor and an auxiliary room on the north façade. In between is the two-story staircase that goes up to the first floor, where there are 3 more bedrooms (one en suite, with bathroom and dressing room), another bathroom, laundry room and a secondary living room. which acts as a distributor between the different rooms. From both this room and the suite you can access the terrace above the porch on the ground floor.


As we said at the beginning, there is always a first time for everything. It was also the first time we faced a Blowerdoor, and it wasn't bad at all. We finally managed to make, for the first time, a house that meets all the requirements of a Passivhaus house.

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